…Or do whatever else that makes you happy and glad for the way you live. Find your joy, your passion, your inspiration, motivation and create your own idyll.

It might seem as an easy approach. You may say:

“huh.. looking for my idyll? For my joy? Pf… give me fancy things, eternal holidays at 5 stars hotel, skinny body shape, a chocolate cake… – and I’ll be happy!”

My answer would be: no.. that is not the joy I am talking about.

My kind of joy is the one that does not require any fancy sparkling things, posh parties, pretty dresses, especially not the skinny Victoria’s Secret Angel’s body shape..

No, the idyll I have in mind is your inner feeling of satisfaction, of fulfilled human needs, of sparkles in your eyes and smile in face.

Talking about me, It appears to me that I had the most amazing and joyful days until the age of 18teen. Yes, until 18teen: the time when I was told by some inner voice to: “shut up.. become an adult.. start thinking about serious stuff, studies, future career, common human laws, stereotypes. etc..”

This was the time I left my parents’ place, my dogs and joined the first studies in the capital of Lithuania. I thought I SHOULD become a lawyer and somehow become happy again. Unfortunately, this did not happen..

I switched my studies, I switched the country. I left Lithuania and moved to Denmark, together with my big man, who always supports me and cares about me. It was the most romantic journey, with tears in both of our eyes, with smiles due to the waiting unknown future… Due to new journeys and adventures we are going to be immersed into. So at the age of 20 I made this big step in my life.

I got used to the cold danish weather, windy days and nights.. I found new friends, classmates, but  something was still missing in my life… I did not feel as happy as I did before turning 18teen, before growing up.

1,5 years ago I found bodybuilding or maybe I should say: bodybuilding found me. At that period of time I was trying to understand what I want from myself.. what I should change in my life to become happier… how I should work with myself to be proud of the life I live.

I slowly started lifting easy weights in my free time, from day to day it became the routine I realized, I adore..

I did not have any fitness idol in mind, I only had myself and my own image in the mirror. I wanted to be happier! And… after each repetition, set, training session I felt so!

In the final weeks of this winter I was lifting weights in a newly found underground gym.

My second home… in Amager, not so far from my actual home in the central Copenhagen. That particular training session was special for me, I looked at the mirror and though:

“Damn, my life is brilliant… I am happy… Everyday I am becoming healthier, stronger, I feel my body improving and changing in a better way.. I am capable of many things I could not do before I started weight lifting…

Damn, girl… you are living the best days of your life! NOW and Here, at this moment!”

This is when I realized that weight lifting, bodybuilding (or actually art of body sculpting) made me fall in love with my life, beautiful days… even realize how much I am in love with my man, who was waiting for my smile to come back for all those years.

Finally, I realized that I found lifestyle that inspires me. My personal key to happiness and success.

This is the story about my recipe for happiness, for a life of passion, love and eternal joy.

If my eyes started sparkling again, I believe anyone’s may. You just need to find your own way to do so. And if not or if you are struggling with that… maybe my recipe could help you?

Believe in yourself.

Love yourself.

Enjoy every single moment of your life.

All the best,

Gintare G.