Oh gosh… how excited I am about the shoulder seminar with Oliver Juul Tholsted that I managed to participate in last Saturday at Purple Fitness. (02.28) For bodybuilding enthusiasts, such as me, workshops like this means perfect Saturday, awesome way to collect necessary knowledge about this sport. Nevertheless, it is always better to hear tips and tricks about bodybuilding from professional athletes. Should I even mention how important it is to find out about your mistakes, that stop you from progressing or lead to serious injuries? Having this in mind, also passion for the sport in heart, the ticket to such seminar seems as a really good way to spend 175dkk. Underneath I will provide you with some more information about Oliver and the seminar I attended. Hopefully, this will not only be an interesting subject to read about, but also inspiration for some of you to get interested in similar events going on around your town.

Oliver Juul Tholsted is a danish classic bodybuilding athlete in a class of  +180cm. He has been doing professional bodybuilding for more than 10years, while at the moment he is preparing for the Spring season, to be more specific to the international competition Loaded Cup 2015, which is going to take place in Ringsted (not far away from Copenhagen) during the Easter. (For more information go and check his and his wife’s facebook page: Natalie og Oliver’s Bodybuilder Verden)

During the previous year, Oliver has spent much time on improving his shoulders, hence paying special attention to this muscle group. No doubts he made great improvement, which will be revealed during the competitions this spring. Oliver has gained valuable knowledge and experience of how this body part could be improved, so the seminar was focused on his presentation about the conclusions he has made, presentation of his regular shoulder workout routine, Q&A session afterwards, which included both theoretical talking, also practical demonstrations and… tasting of delicious protein pies prepared by Oliver’s wife.

Though the seminar was scheduled for 2hours, it seemed that the time ran way too fast. It was especially interesting to hear from the athlete how much time he spends on his shoulders training session (he trains this body part separately from all the others, hence one day pure shoulder training), also that he has divided shoulder cap into the three parts: back side, middle and front. As he mentioned, usually people start shoulders’ workout by doing exercises for the whole shoulder cap, yet he found out that for him it is much more effective if he starts with training the back side of it, followed with training of middle and front parts.. so the exercise focused on the whole shoulder cap is left for the final part of his workout.

Nevertheless, Oliver talked much about the importance of correct technique while doing weight lifting. To be honest, I loved that he paid so much attention to explaining it, since from my point of view, people talk too little about how important it is to do different exercises correctly. Nevertheless, they do not talk about the injuries that might happen and their prevention. All of this knowledge I managed to gain from Oilver’s seminar.

Another important element to take from his seminar is about the speed and intensity of his shoulder training session. He uses the technique, where deep breathing, slow motion and many repetitions are number one priority (yes, yes, despite the correct position). No doubts this requires special attention and focus on the particular muscle that is being trained, however as we may see from Oliver’s example, this technique might be especially helpful for the athletes.

One more fact about this workshop… during the Q&A session, the bodybuilder received many different questions, starting with tips and tricks to make squats, finishing with nutritional advices.. Though the name of workshop stated that its focused on shoulders, Oliver was ready to answer all the questions that participators have thrown to him.

To sum up, I felt as I had a perfect workshop that day. I came back home thinking about the knowledge I gained. Nevertheless, I tried some of the exercises he showed during the next training session, the day after, already on Sunday morning. T

hrilled with excitement, I am happy to conclude that next time such workshop takes place, I am definitely joining it!

I am pretty sure the text cannot prove how valuable the workshop was, however I hope it caught your attention. Keep on following my blog to get a chance to ready about other bodybuilding related events I am joining.

P.s. for my friends around Copenhagen… I have heard that Oliver is planning to arrange the next workshop, which will be focused on chest. So if you are interested, I encourage you to follow his and his wife’s facebook site, wait until Oliver announces the new workshop and hurry up to buy tickets (only 10 of those are available!). I am joining, no doubts!

All the best,

Gintare G.