In my previous post I have noted down my thought about cheat days ( I have made some conclusions over there: what was good and what this day taught me, I even wrote down the plan I have for the next cheat day, which was yesterday. However, I was fair and said that I had no ideas how actually it is going to be:

suspicions are suspicions.. but one can never know which cheats meals will come into play on the actual cheat day.

Another thing to mention is how the week after the previous cheat day went by. The allergies I had from the recent cheat meals disappeared and I got my healthy skin back. Nevertheless, my energy levels were raising with each healthy meal I had.

I kept on listening to my body though.

Thinking of what actually I crave for at this moment?

Let’s make an example with the first meal: breakfast after the cheat day. I woke up craving for eggs and veggies.. So I made a huge plate of whole eggs, egg whites, different veggies and a handful of almonds. Satisfaction was achieved! Easy to make, healthy, clean food satisfied all of my cravings.

However… the new cheat day was coming! And so my cravings for different foods that I normally do not have.

Several things I knew for sure: I am going to start my breakfast with choco puffs and skimmed milk (same as last week), crunching left over Oreos and having freshly baked Peanut Butter Banana Protein muffins (recipe: ). Yes, this all happened..

I satisfied my chocolate and peanut butter cravings. Yum! On the other hand, I did not go wild. Not at all! I knew I was going to the intensive legs day training afterwards. I had in mind that such huge and sweet breakfast meant one:

bomb of carbohydrates and sugar!

I know my body well, after such foods I get an instant sugar pump, blood rush, so why waste it sitting on a sofa? I decided to try something new: use the sugar pump instead of having some regular pre- workout mixture.

It worked… The legs workout went insanely well: I had so much energy! I am sure I cannot remember the last time I was so powerful: intensity, weights, sets and repetitions – all was leveled up that morning.

Nevertheless, I was craving for pancakes! Big, thin pancakes.. I must admit, the big pancakes are my enemies when it comes to cooking and best friends when it comes to eating them! I have tried making them only once, I failed.. I did not have enough patience or the recipe I followed was wrong, so the pancakes were too sticky and ended up being a big mess on a plate… On the other hand, I know two people, who are the real pros of making the real giant pancakes: my mom and my man! The given situation (living in Copenhagen) left me with only one solution: get dozen of pancakes made by my boyfriend.

He loooves spending the cheat days with me, as he says: “good mood, lots of things to do, foods to try, enjoy and talk about, – how could I not love cheat days?”. Nevertheless, he supports my lifestyle and tries to help as much as he can. So he came up with an improved recipe for big pancakes (recipe:

As I was leaving the gym I knew, I will have huge plate of good food as I am back.

I did not know the pancakes were going to be so healthy, though! That was a brilliant surprise for me! What is more, on my way back home I stopped by the local shop to get some salted salmon and smoked trout to roll it into the pancakes. Hence, my cheat meal would be filled with healthy omega-3 and proteins, which would treat my tired muscles well. I also grabbed a liter of low fat chocolate milk: protein, chocolate that calms down muscles and good taste. Would I like to have anything else? Absolutely not..

The post workout lunch was brilliant. Afterwards we went to the pool club, spent some time over there and.. visited Chinese buffet!

Luckily my brains did not go wild about fatty foods.. not at all. At the Chinese place I picked different kinds of meat (to fulfill my protein needs), noodles and rice crisps (as much as I want, since cheat day is also a refeed day for me), also big plate of fresh vegetables and couple pieces of honey melon.

I finished the evening having a small jar of Ben&Jerry’s ice cream (peanut butter cup taste – go to heaven!), Daim chocolate, glass or milk, orange and raisins.. That was is.

All of my cravings were satisfied! I felt full, happy and ready for the next clean week!

Nevertheless, I made a conclusion: having the legs workout on a cheat day was the brilliant idea!

Choco puffs for breakfast works well for me – my love for sweet things gets satisfied from the early morning, before the workout, so the rest of day my focus is on ‘normal’ foods, e.g. meat and carbohydrates (instead of junk foods and sweet things). Big pancakes and protein muffins.. they will be back on the next cheat Saturday… together with Choco puffs!

The only thing I found bad on that Saturday was Chinese buffet.. Most of the foods were too fat for my taste. Some of meats were so soaked in oil I would say they lost their taste and all the nutritional benefits. The next Saturday I will definitely choose something else: less fat, more healthy carbohydrates and.. protein!

Stay tuned for my new updates.

Keep your limits high, your energy levels raising and mood.. springish!

Take care.

All the best,

Gintare G.