Have you ever wondered why there are so many days left until summer..?

Well, if one asks me, my answer is simple: each year since September 1st I start looking forward and counting down the days until the next summer.

Nevertheless, every year it seems that the time goes too slowly. Way too slowly! What is even worse the closer I get to the summer, the less patient I become to sit and wait for it. I want it here, now and… forever!

However, living in this circle might be depressing. This made me think of the ways to bring the summer mood back to my yard, without having to wait until the actual summer to show up.

So I had  ask myself, what were I missing during the other seasons? Autumn.. what were I unhappy about during the golden October? Winter… what was wrong about this beautiful, refreshing, white period?

Finally, I realized that during summer my body feels light and relaxed. My mind seems to be empty of heavy thoughts about study, work or anything else that evokes negative emotions. Voila! The main element that separates summer from the rest of seasons is

physical and mental relaxation. In short, holidays for mind and body.

Thinking about others as having the similar need for summer as I do… I will share with you some ideas about how to feel more physically and mentally relaxed independent of the period of year. Here the fun begins:

1st idea: take a day off only for yourself!

Day off for myself at Kurbadet by Ilse Jacobsen was a brilliant Valentine’s gift from my man. It takes around 1 hour to get there when traveling by car from Copenhagen. To be honest, already when we got to Hornbæk (city where the wellness center is located) I felt more relaxed as if I were in Copenhagen. Calm, small streets, slow life and fresh wind that comes from the sea just around the dunes. The small and cozy wellness center is placed on the seaside, and even though it looks small from the outside, we did not think so while lying in jacuzzi, enjoying aromatherapy session in sauna or relaxing in the outdoors pool under the starry sky.

Sounds like a perfect holiday day, huh? Brings the summer mood back..? Absolutely, yes.. though the experience was taken in the middle of cold February, I felt as in the middle of warm careless holiday season.

There are many theories on benefits of sauna. Some say that it helps to boost the fat loss. Some that it promotes the excretion of toxins. What is more, you may often see bodybuilders enjoying themselves in sauna or jacuzzi ‘after the great workout’ (apparently, the popular name tag under such pictures on social).

From my point of view combination of sauna and jacuzzi is the best way if I want to get a quick fix to my body and soul. That’s it, short and precise explanation of why I adore having such a day off. Kurbadet

This magic combo always makes me feel as if I have spent the whole week relaxing, having no worries in my mind.

However, one needs to be cautious about the sauna pleasures. One has to be always aware that it is necessary to drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated and avoid getting a painful headache afterwards. What is more, if you spend the whole day in a wellness center as Kurbadet make sure to have some healthy snacks with you. If the wellness center does not provide you with the free ones, my advice would be: go for fresh fruits, freshly squeezed juices or smoothies. These choices would not only provide you with additional water, but also with essential vitamins and keep your metabolism going. I could also add that one may probably hardly imagine holidays without a big bowl of fresh fruits and berries, smoothies.. so why should not you enjoy them during the wellness day?

Finally, finish the day with having delicious and healthy dinner. This time we chose a big medium cooked steak and a steamed + oven baked veal, additionally both of us had some oven baked potatoes and steamed vegetables. The food was delicious, the portions were not too small, all the ingredients on our plates were fresh and well served. I could easily give 9 points for such dinner.

To sum up, if you can enjoy a whole day off for yourself, go for a day at wellness center: forget about all the worries, enjoy the feeling of your body getting more and more relaxed, get some fruits and the delicious dinner afterwards.

In case you are from Denmark, or have a possibility to come here, I would encourage you to choose: Kurbadet by Ilse Jacobsen. It is a bit pricy, but it was worth all the money spent.

Relax. Take time for yourself. Live the happy life.

All the best,

Gintare G.