If you are a bodybuilding enthusiast from Denmark, most likely you will spend the Easter holidays in Ringsted watching or competing in the well-known Scandinavian bodybuilding competition called Loaded Cup.

Originally Loaded Cup was started in 2006.. with some breaks it’s been alive until this Easter. Unfortunately, the father of this competition: organizer and creator, Stellan Bossen announced that the show will take a break at least the upcoming, 2016 year.. Nevertheless, he was sure that some other competition or bodybuilding event will be organized around that time, and so made the visitors of Loaded Cup 2015 be a bit more calm about his announcement. On the other hand, the public reaction was obvious: people insisted to have the show also the next year and expressed their disappointment and sadness about Stellan’s announcement by making honest sighs..

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I started this post about Loaded Cup 2015 with a brief history and the sad announcement that the creator of it made this year, since both of the elements are important for me. Surprisingly (this is irony) I am one of the bodybuilding enthusiasts living in Denmark. Obviously I spent my Easter weekend in Ringsted.

I watched the previous Loaded Cup too, the experience that I got from it left me without any doubts: those small 66km from Copenhagen is a very short distance.. if you want to see an amazing competition. In my eyes Loaded Cup is definitely one of these.

The international high level bodybuilding competition takes three days, includes many different bodybuilding classes and is known for big amount of competitors, the number of which is raising every year.. What is more, each year Stellan makes sure that the visitors of this competitions are fully satisfied with the event he creates. He provides us not only with a professional competition, well organized show, but also with different seminars that take place during the breaks.

This year the show was filled with international bodybuilding and fitness stars: Dennis Wolf, Jose Raymond, William Bonac, Neil Hill, Michelle Lewin, Larissa Reis, Alice Matos, Regiane da Silva and of course… the couple that I get inspiration from every single day: Ms.Olympia Dana Linn Bailey and her husband Rob Bailey.

During the three days, danish bodybuilding lovers were able to see three different seminars: Friday – Dennis Wolf ; Saturday – all the stars; Sunday – Dana & Rob . How amazing is that..? Yes, the show is worth all the money that one invests in buying a ticket to it..

This year I was lucky to get tickets for me and my man for Saturday, during which we saw Bodybuilding Men and Women competitions, Seminar of all the stars and the class that I am the biggest fan of: Bodyfitness! So lets start the journey to Loaded Cup 2015 with me..

The doors are open at 8.00 and the prejudging starts at 8.30. Yes, it is an early morning and we had to get up even earlier to be there right on time. However, the huge expectations that I had for show, curiosity about the athletes that I was going to see, meeting Ms.Olympia… got me out of the bed as soon as the alarm clock started ringing. After my delicious bowl of protein porridge, handful of almonds, cup of freshly made coffee… packing the food.. i was in a car on my way to Ringsted. Sun, smile and passion for bodybuilding – were the main elements of that day.

Before the competition I had my favorites that I was so excited to see during the competition. Some of them I knew personally, some of them I was familiar with due to the social medias, others I knew due to a great bodybuilding couch from the gym.. Unfortunately, not all of my favorites were prepared well enough to overcome the prejudging phase.. However, the show was still thrilling for me.. and inspiring as hell!

Seeing all the polished beautiful bodies, smiles on the competitors’ faces, sparkling eyes that show how much efforts these people have put into their preparation for this competition – this is the main reason I came to Loaded Cup 2015..

If only I was able, I would say individual ‘thanks and great job’ to each of the competitor I saw that day.

Did I have any predictions of winners? I would say: I had a feeling and personal opinion on who may win, but only based on the competitors that I knew about before the competition. So the show brought many surprises, but also some of my predictions were proven.

Anyways, congratulations to all of the winners.. and also participators! All of you won.. all of you made improvements of your body, and all of you are worth the first place.

In a case you would like to look through the results I am talking about I am giving you a link to it. Enjoy:


Lets go through the seminar of all the stars now. The seminar was lead in a cosy and friendly to the spectator manner: questions and answers. Actually, I would say that we did not see any stars.. What we saw: was a group of professional sportsmen, who are passionate about their lifestyle, carrying lots of bodybuilding related knowledge and experience, aiming to inspire the others and.. showing off their friendliness to the big group of spectators.

I would love to give an account on what were the most important lessons to take from the seminar, but.. in my eyes all was relevant to the bodybuilding enthusiasts. Starting with advices on how to train, finishing with an unpredicted show of Regiane da Silva, who started demonstrating different gymnastic tricks.. saying that the abilities like that are her biggest motivations; adding that its her.. herself that makes her believe in bodybuilding and continue on following this lifestyle.

Oh… and for the ones who are curious to see the whole seminar, I am sharing a link with you:


Moving forward the same day we saw guest posing, which included shows of Dana Linn Bailey, Jose Raymond, William Bonac and Dennis Wolf.

William Bonac:

Dana Linn Bailey:

While the competitors made their own ‘show’ that was also worth an applause:

Nevertheless, the breaks during guest posing and competitors taking over the stage were filled with activities too. To begin with, the whole Ringsted Kongresscenter was filled with sports nutrition brands, bodybuilding clothes and more. Visitors were invited to take samples from the brands such as Nutramino or try on clothes from Labellamafia, which came up with a big collection of tops and tights for female bodybuilders.. all of which were reflecting the newest trends. Ok ok.. one comment from me: unfortunately Labellamafia did not provide us with any discount. Ha ha.

What is more, all of the stars were open for posing in a picture with you during the main break. Loaded crew divided them into small groups and located the sport icons in different part of the center so that people could have a possibility to choose who to take a picture with.. or which line to chose to wait in!

I was lucky enough to take a picture with a woman, who I think of as an idol of a strong blond female.. Ms.Hardcore lade Larissa Reis. Nothing to hide in here.. I think her body is perfect, her confidence is unbeatable and she reveals all the sexiness that a woman may have.

Another pretty lady I met in Labellamafia booth was an internet sensation, owner of a well trained booty and a stunning smile – Michelle Lewin. I had a positive opinion about her before coming to Loaded Cup. I always enjoyed how cheerful her posts were on Facebook and Instagram.. but I never though that she would be just as sweet in real life.

And finally… the moment that I was so much looking forward to.. meeting Dana Linn Bailey and Rob! Oh gosh..! It was amazing.. the body of Dana is perfect. The smile of her is priceless. The way she looks is just perfect.. The motivation that I got from simply standing between her and Rob – the best that I could get from the show like this.

I was so much looking forward to the moment.. that It seemed as it took a whole life to stand in line waiting for a picture with her.. and it took only a second to get the actual picture. The picture that is extremely important to me.. the small chat before that I am so happy about..

All of this represent the moment that I will never forget.

Final words:

Loaded Cup 2015 was one of the best experiences in the bodybuilding world that I have experienced so far. The weekend was perfect… 10/10… And yes, it was sad when it was finished, but.. I am the one, who hopes that Stellan will change his mind and another Loaded Cup will be organized. Maybe not the next year.. but maybe a year after?

Extras for the real bodybuilding enthusiasts, who missed the show or want to experience it once again:

Dennis Wolf Seminar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNhndk_3luA

All Guests Seminar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxaPH6AJ-7Y

Dana Linn Bailey and Rob Seminar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KiS_P2XX8s

Guests posing (Dana Linn Bailey, Jose and William): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtA4cjkcQuU

Dennis Wolf posing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkKi0JcZ0X4

William Bonac posing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yPr0Zv8uzg

Videos from Dana Linn Bailey video diary that includes 4 days spent in Denmark:





That’s all for now, I hope you enjoyed the overview of this show as much as I did going through it in my memories.

Take care, keep strong!

Gintare G.