In my eyes, learning and self-improvement are the must elements for success in any field that you may think of.

And to those, who might not be familiar with my thinking, I feel the need to remind of my believes or golden rules of life:

only doing what you love will make you successful and happy about your life;

only dedication and hard work towards your dream will make this dream come true;

only passion and bunch of positive energy will push you forwards;

only learning and hunger for self-improvement will make you think outside the box and become the best version of yourself.. or in other words, become the idol that you want to be in the end.

Even more, I believe these are the rules that any of us may apply. It does not matter if you want to become the best fireman in the country, the great business man, designer or… an athlete!

Finding bodybuilding as the biggest passion of my current life brought me a package of new goals, ideas and dreams.. ‘Starting from scratch’ – that’s how I would call my bodybuilding journey. As most of the others I started with almost zero knowledge about this wonderful sport.. Now I am getting deeper and deeper in it. What is more, so far I understood one thing for sure:

the more I know about it, the more I want to dedicate my life for it, the more I want to gain more knowledge about it and the more I want this journey to never ever end.

I am a huge fan of university or collage studies, courses, books etc.

Yet, I think that learning from someone’s personal experience should be counted as one of the best sources of knowledge too!

One of the ways to gather such experience is by going to specific seminars, which in this case was Bodyfitness Posing Seminar that was held at Loaded Gym.

The seminar was led by a cute ‘shining all over the place’ IFBB Figure/Bodyfitness Junior athlete Therese Vilrik Bruun, who is getting ready to come back to the IFBB stage next year. The way that she held the seminar was absolutely brilliant: she was explicit about each pose, showing it one herself, also on us; she gave us some time for individual T-walks, also making time for group posing routines, creating situations of semi-finals, finals; she also gave us both group and individual comments on posing.

After more than 1,5hours all of the participants were sweaty, tired, a bit sore, but fully happy about the experience! Therese spent some more minutes talking to us afterwards, however the questions from participants were mostly about: “when are you making the new seminar?”. The same question was spinning in my head too.

So if you ask me, was it worth going to this seminar? I would answer: absolutely!

No doubts, I gained new valuable knowledge that I believe will help me preparing for the stage. I also gained some more confidence that all of us should work with before showing off the fruits of their hard work at the gym.

Could I say that I have perfect posing skills now? Hell, no! As any other skill it takes time, patience, work and love.. I remember the first times posing, the phrases in my head were always the same: “what am I doing here? what should I be doing? how should I be doing all ‘this’?”. Naaah.. it’s much easier now! I have lots of work left to be done, but I totally fell in love with posing, and that’s a sign that sooner or later I will nail this skill.

But for now, huge thanks to Therese for making such a nice afternoon seminar at Loaded Gym on 16/08 and I hope I will attend some more events with her.

Remember, learning is one of the keys to your success.. Read books, attend seminars, watch interviews and documentaries.. do all to make yourself better!


Gintare G.

P.s. I am also adding some pictures owned by Therese. These are simply to illustrate how such seminars occur and to show that one should not be afraid to show one’s weaknesses. It doesn’t matter if my posing is incorrect or my shape is not perfect, as long as I am working on it, I have something to be proud of ❤