Training professionally, preparing for Bodyfitness competition(s), posting about beautiful active and healthy lifestyle, working with people – makes me receive different questions. One of the most popular one is:

What motivates you to stay fit? or Where do you get energy to stay active and eat healthy?

To be honest, I never thought about that before I received this question…

I started training, because for almost 1,5 years I skipped any form of sports and I felt both my body and mind asking for some action. As soon as I joined the gym and started seeing the first signs of progress, I came up with some goals.Mot12

These were different: first I wanted to tone my body, then loose weight, then to loose even more weight, then to see muscles, then particular bones, then to keep the weight and so on… I think you know the story!

However, I started fully enjoying my training sessions and lifestyle much later: only when I gained knowledge about different training techniques and importance of the food, also when I started analyzing how the body works and became familiar with how to ‘relate to the signs that my body is sending to me’.

So.. when I gained the particular package of knowledge and experience… when I started seeing my body getting stronger and more defined… when I started feeling mentally strong and capable of more than I though I could ever do – I gained energy and motivation to keep on going!

Yes, you hear it correctly, when I stopped focusing on my weight and started analyzing everything around it, I became happy and fully motivated to train harder, eat smarter and live happier.


So, in general, I think motivation may come from different sources:

  • It can come from your inside… or from the small signs of improvement that you may see in the mirror or that your friends may tell you about.Mot3
  • It can come from the positive energy and feeling of more energy that active lifestyle and good food gives to you.Mot8
  • It can also come from the others: family members, your friends, athletes that you admire or even from the online photo.Mot7
  • It can come from the deadline: wedding, birthday, competition or even… summer!Mot1
  • Sometimes it can even come from ‘nothing’: one day you may simply decide..: it’s time to make a change. Now or never!Mot9


Most importantly – motivation and energy must come from YOU! Not from someone criticizing your shape, character, style, lifestyle, etc… Because, in my eyes, negativity is a ‘no go’, when it comes to energy levels.Mot4.YOU

You need to find yourself happy in what you are doing.. and if you feel like starting to exercise, you should do what fits you the best.

Maybe it is strength training, maybe it is tennis, maybe it is wake boarding, maybe it is football, maybe it is hot yoga…? Find, what fits your personality and lifestyle, incorporate it and enjoy the results. Mot13

Cover your ears, when the ones around will ask you: “if it is worth? why..?” and so on… Go for the result that you want and the ones, who criticize you, will either disappear or stand on the same side as you.


Peace n’ Love,

Gintare G.