Let’s start from here: I see people, who want to loose weight, as having different goals:

    • those, who want to loose a bit weight,
    • those, who want to loose muuuuuch weight,
    • those, who want to get a hot beach/summer body,
    • those, who have other goals that include getting leaner, being more fit..

All from above can be divided into two groups:

  1. A group that gets crazy about doing cardio – whenever, on any possible machine, for any possible period of time…  For these 1 hour of daily cardio is just a normal thing, 1+ hour of cardio – rocks…. So: the more – the better!  These are the so called ‘cardio bunnies’ …
  2. A group that says that they really want to loose weight or fat… but if there’s a sentence that says: “you need to do some cardio training”… these answer: “cardio…what?!”. This sentence includes some emotional stress, some fears … some huge question marks about: how much cardio should I do? what type of cardio? why? and finally… how could I avoid this f**k’d up cardio thing?



This post is about the second group… yes, the ones that raise the terrific question: “cardio… what?!”

Simple like that: I personally want people to get used to the active healthy lifestyle. In other words, my dream is to make the others to get used to the life that we were created for – the life that includes activities, movement and not a mere sitting 24/7.

Thus, I will give you some painkillers that should, hopefully, make the word cardio sound not that bad… and just to state it more clearly: I am not pushing an idea that all must do daily cardio, I am not pushing an idea that all must be alike or look like this or what, no.. I am writing to the ones that would love to bring some changes to their lives, but simply think that ‘cardio – sucks’!


First and foremost, there are more reasons than weight loss for getting used to cardio training. Good news are that you do not need to stick to long cardio sessions, and there is no MUST use cardio machine. Thus, you can slowly start getting used to cardio by adding 10 – 15 minutes of cardio after your weight training or if you are not training, just start by doing some cardio. Cardio machine? In the beginning, just jump on the one that seems most ‘friendly’ for you.

So.. what if not weight loss can motivate you to doing cardio?

Summa summarum:


Yes… that’s crazy!

Some minutes spent on cardio machine or doing cardio outside can not only help you losing the unnecessary weight and coming into better shape, but also highly boost your over all state – mental and physical!

So.. cardio is good.. let’s agree on that.. but..

Do you really know what cardio is?

Cardio is some sort of ‘aerobic exercise’, which means that it requires increased levels of pumping oxygenated blood by the hear to deliver oxygen to working muscles, tissues, organs in the body. During cardio exercise your heart starts beating at a higher rate than normal and your breathing rate is increased to collect all the necessary amounts of oxygen.

Thus, cardio exercises should be higher intensity than a mere walking. However, if you have not tried cardio before or have taken a break from it, it is always a good idea to start slower, get your body used to cardio exercises and then gradually improve the intensity.

How intense should your cardio be? Well… I can only say, the more intensity – the more physical work is required from your body, the more energy you have to use, the more calories you burn,.. so the better cardio session is!

Go as hard as you can, just make sure you do not overdo your cardio – always listen to your body, make sure that nothing strange happens with your heart rate, you are not loosing your breath, you are not feeling too fatigue, etc.

Nobody can tell your how fast you should go – it’s your body and it’s you who knows it the best.


What type of cardio?

Despite the popular myth, cardio does not happen on a treadmill…

Cardio exercise is any type of exercise that gets your heart rate and breathing rate higher than your normal range.

It can be jogging outside around the city or park, it can be doing sprints outside or on a treadmill (eg. HIIT workout)…

It can be running up and down the stairs.. it can be jogging or biking to the shop..

It can be swimming…

It can be training on elliptical trainer…

It can be ZUMBA, step, etc. classes..

It can be Kickboxing.. or playing basketball, tennis, football, surfing, wake boarding, actively playing and running with your dog and more…!


I personally, switch between different forms of cardio… I am taking longer walks with my dogs (3-4 times a day), which includes sprints and some active playing. I also do cardio on a PowerMill or StairMaster, which really hits my legs and gets me totally soaked in sweat! As much as i hate it… as much I love it!!!! ❤

During my summers, I always try new forms of cardio: normally something with water: swimming, wake boarding, kitesurfing, sprinting in the beach, fasted yoga, cardio circuits etc.

And no.. it does not get boring, when it becomes your lifestyle ❤ And.. if sometimes I feel getting tired of it – I switch things up, try something new: machine, intensity, circuit..


As I’ve said… it takes 21 to get a new habit… and it’s never too late to start..!

Want some more tips and inspiration for cardio..? Want some help with getting used to cardio exercising or getting it into your training routine, send me an email and get my help..!


Love & Peace,

Gintare G.