Cardio & Plyo workout

Alright – very serious things first – why is this video not on Facebook..?!

Simple like that – rude boys and girls behind Facebook hate hearing the music that sounds in background of my videos aka in the gym.. Filming training videos without music in background? NO! Putting mute on my videos? NO! Stop making videos? OMG, NOOOO!

Thus, at least with this video I am moving to my blog.. I might still keep posting some of my videos on Facebook, however I will be more active here – so that I can share all I want with you 🙂

Moving to the video and essence of this blog post – call it

weekend’s Ninja training or a combination of cardio workout and plyometric exercises.

Why? This training uses no weight, but is based on high intensity. The faster – the sweatier – the better.

For who?

  1. Those, who are tired of treadmills, bikes etc.. and want to do some funnier type of cardio.
  2. Those, who want to check their endurance.. and work more on it.
  3. Those, who want to do two things at one time – cardio and a session for legs.
  4. EVERYONE else – because it’s a freaking fun way to get soaked in sweat and tired after 1 hour training ❤

PS… if you are doing this workout for the first time, make sure your physical state is strong enough for a high intensity training.

Where?  in the gym, in the garden, in the beach, in the park.. anywhere! just find a bench, a box, or something alike and GET SWEATY!

How? In this video you see many different exercises. Divide them in 3 or 4 circuits, make each circuit for 3-4 times, each exercise for 30 – 50 times. And don’t make breaks, allow yourself max 30 sec break between circuits or every giant set – for a drink and dry towel 😉

I know it might sound hard.. and that’s how this workout actually is!

BUT it’s all worth giving a try..! The full training should take between 45 mins – 1hour .. and you will have burnt lots of kcals 😉

SO try it!

And Have fun !




Ps… I left some shots where you see me making mistakes – I left them in a video.. 🙂 you must see – training is hard for everyone, but you just have to laugh from it and keep on going!