Shoulders: Full training 

Bigger, rounder, fuller shoulders..? Then you might want to dedicated the full workout only for shoulders..

I personally loooove training shoulders – I can’t lift extremely heavy, but I can make many reps.. I am used to train shoulders until they start ‘burning’ and it becomes hard to move them around. I am craaaazy about this feeling! 🙂

Do I always train the same..? No.. and once again NO. Training for me needs to be interesting, fun and challenging.

Shall you try my last shoulders training program that I nailed together with Bodybuilder and Online Coach Anders Trust..? So check it out right here 🙂 What we did that evening:

Superset – 4 sets, 10-15 reps:

1.1 seated DB lateral raises on side of the bench

1.2 DB overhead circles

2. Seated DB presses 10-15 reps * 4 sets. Increase weight with each set.

3. Seated DB lateral raises 3 dropsets,  each time: 10*10*10. No rest in between, drop the weight after each 10 reps.

Superset – 3 sets, as many as you can reps:

4.1 Rear delt cable flies

4.2 Seated Rope Face Pulls

Giant set:, 3-4 sets, 12-15reps

5.1 Seated Front Plate raises

5.2 Seated DB pushes

5.3 Behind the neck BB presses


Once again , thanks for Anders – for a good training and new ideas..! To all the others – check out this training and don’t hesitate to try it out..!:)