Glutes & Hamstrings: full training


How to build a booty..? How to have strong and fit legs..? Simple:

Kick your ass off in training, don’t skip workouts and focus on muscle that you are training..!

Questions about booty – are coming soooo often to me.. and no, I did not do hundreds of light weight kick backs, I did not do exercises that looked pretty. Since I started my favorites were all those exercises where I could really push myself and add more weights: different leg press machines, heavy leg extensions and curls in machines, deep squats, stiff leg deadlifts etc.  That’s how I created the base – or the booty 😀 When you have it – you can play around, do more plyometrics training, use rubber bands or anything else you like – cause yes, that helps sculpting the booty. However, NOT making the booty if you have close to nothing.. 😉  Sorryyyyy…

But of course, if you are a total beginner in training, take your time to learn the exercises correct.. Nobody came to the gym and started making walking lunges with 30kg bb.. Nobody started squatting with heavy weights.. and all had to learn the technique first..

SO no matter what exercise you are doing, you MUST feel the muscle that you are training. If its glutes – then you need to keep them in tension throughout the WHOLE exercise. Yes, you may squeeze them even harder in the top of exercise or when you are f.eks. squatting up. But you shouldn’t have them relaxed at any time..

Ready for a sweaty glutes and hamstrings training..? Sooo squeeze your booty so it becomes tough as a rock and check out my full training’s video and program.. ❤


Quads and Hams training program:
  1. warm up exercise – single leg standing curls: 4 sets * 30 – 50 reps


2.1 Seated leg curls (bend forward) 20, 18, 15, 12, 10 reps

2.2 Heavy sumo squats 20, 18, 15, 15, 12 reps – on each last rep hold the weight for as long as you can: 15 to 40 sec.


3.1 Glute bridges 3-4 sets *15 reps

3.2 Lying DB curls  – 3-4 sets* 10 (full range) – 10 (half way) – 10 (quick and full range)


4.1 Vertical leg press 3-4 sets * 20 reps

4.2 Still leg deadlifts – with a cable on platform 3-4 sets*12-20 reps

Bababooom! Try it out ❤