Back & Chest: full training

Back training -training that I simply love..! As with any other body part, I believe in few principles:

  1. focus on muscle contraction – every rep counts, with every rep you should maximize the feeling of ‘squeeze’ in your back;
  2. focus on squeeze > reps or weight; lower your weight if you can’t focus on back contractions… no matter how many reps you do, if you do not focus on your back – those reps aren’t good..;
  3. learn the basics  – new exercises are AWESOME, but learn the basic exercises s, first.. no matter which part I am training, I am always doing some very basic movements.. and maybe trying few new exercises , too;
  4. don’t get scared of weights – challenge yourself.. can you make 15 reps easily? Increase the weight, try doing the same 15 reps with bigger weight.. don’t loose your focus on muscle contraction, though..


What’s now..? Check out the video, my full back and chest workout is there.

Use lighter weights, but try hitting the same amount of reps as I do. Make short breaks in between sets, something between 40 sec – 1 min… no more than 2 mins breaks between exercises.