To those, who are new to this blog – I have already posted a great, long and very explicit blog post about meal prepping: . That post includes my advises on how to make that meal prep easier, tastier, also advantages of meal prepping..

So.. if you wish to have more info about meal prepping, please check that post. 🙂


However, rules and advises not always help. Sometimes we are just missing ideas on WHAT to meal prep…?!

Yes, this also happens to me. Those days I am extremely happy if I find some inspiring recipe or just a photo , which I can use as an idea for my next meal prep. SO – this is what this post is about.. Basically I will share different food options that you can normally find by my side.. wherever I go: work, trip to nature, study.. etc.

But first, I have to rewrite the simple ‘menu’ .. which goes into my meal boxes:

  • ‘Normally I choose one of these protein sources: chicken breast, lean beef, lean minced beef, sea food, sometimes salmon or white fish.
  • Then I add some carbohydrates: normally basmati rice, but also potatoes or buckwheat.
  • I never forget my veggies that I could not imagine a day without: broccoli, cherry tomatoes and cucumber – being my favorite; cauliflower, grilled zucchini, aubergine and bell peppers, radish and lettuce mix – as some additional vegetables that I like getting into my diet.
  • Finally, good fats: peanut butter, pesto, nuts, seeds and avocado – I eat this variety daily.’


Ready to meal prep..? Then check some of my meals out:

Easy.. quick.. and soooo tasty – caption of each of these photos.. 😉

You know the best part..? Meal prep – is the easiest way to make sure you are not eating crappy junk food or sweets during the day.. Meal prep – is saving your money and helping you to stay in shape all year round..!

Isn’t it awesome..? 😉 I think so too..!

Thus.. no excuses – you want to stay fit, healthy and in good mood – become friends with meal prepping..!