Banana Orange Protein Cupcakes

I a big fan of making protein cakes, breads and sometimes cookies. However, on some days I feel as aiming for something ‘else’, something ‘new’, something ‘unexpected’ and ‘surprising’. And so the idea to come up with some protein cupcakes came to my house.

For me cupcakes are tiny friends of small pretty girls running around in the streets, playing with other kids; treats that caring moms make for their children’s birthday parties; sweets that young ladies enjoy during their coffee breaks; or delicious presents that one bakes to the ones they love. No doubts we could not imagine children books, movies, baby showers or any other sweet celebrations without these treats.


Today was the day when I really felt as aiming for some cute sweet, but not too sweet, colourful, but not too much protein treats. I did not want to make the regular protein cake dough and pour it into muffin forms, pretending that its not a cake anymore, but muffins. No way! It seemed too easy to be interesting for me.

Finally, I came up with an idea of cupcakes, frosted, sweet, soft, rich in flavour and colours, also healthy and high in protein, sugar free. It seems hard to believe, but both the dough of these muffins and frosting are high in protein and absolutely healthy.

Let’s be honest, most of us would love to enjoy cupcakes without having any regrets or thoughts about calories.. So try these Banana Orange Protein Cupcakes and enjoy your beach body all year round! That’s it.. no cries for cupcakes if you have a healthy recipe for making them!



Makes 12 small:

1 cooked and mashed sweet potato

8 egg whites

25g couscous

25g oat flour

50g Banana Whey Protein powder

2tsp baking powder

a bit of freshly peeled orange zest

a bit of vanilla extract

1/4 cup of skimmed milk

1 tbsp stevia sugar



1-1,5 scoop Protein powder of your choice (I used Banana)

200g 0,2% skyr or fat free Greek yogurt

A bit of skimmed milk

  1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees and prepare a non-sticky muffin form.
  2. Whisk egg whites.
  3. In another bowl combine all of the rest ingredients.
  4. Add whisked egg whites to the dry ingredients. Combine the dough carefully.
  5. Bake for 20-25 minutes.
  6. Remove cupcakes from oven and allow to cool down. Start preparing frosting.
  7. In a bowl, stir together protein powder and skyr. Stir in one tablespoon of milk at a time until you get a frosting-like mixture.
  8. Use a knife or any other tool to put the frosting on your cupcakes.
  9. Once frosted, store the cupcakes in the fridge.
Nutrition facts: