Banana Protein bites with Pineapple surprise

Protein bites, as other bites I make, are quick to prepare and will not require much patience or cooking skills from you.

This snack will be appreciated by ones, who follow the bodybuilding diet or simply care about the daily protein intake. It is simple: you choose any good quality protein powder (that’s a must!), mix it with the rest of ingredients and Voila.. You are ready to enjoy the delicious banana protein bites! Only 4 ingredients and your fit body will say ‘thank you’ for this muscle building, fat burning dessert.

The first time I made these, my man’s comment was simple: “Wow, I never though protein powder can taste so good. If it is really same if I drink protein shakes or eat these bites, then.. no doubts I prefer the banana bites!”


Makes 8-10 bites

80g Banana protein powder

50g oats

3 tbsp skimmed milk

8 pieces of dried pineapples

  1. Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl, add some milk. The dough has to be firm. If not, add some more milk.
  2. Shape the number of protein balls. Insert a piece of dried pineapple in each of the bites.
  3. Place in the freezer until the balls are firm. Store in the fridge.
Nutrition facts: