Coconut Vanilla Protein cookies

Ever thought of cookies that you could eat, while staying on a healthy diet? oh.. and maybe you avoid gluten? and sugar? Maybe you even aim to try some of vegan foods?

The Coconut Vanilla Protein cookies are then a solution for you!

Already before baking, while making the dough for them, it is hard to resist to taste the ball of dough, such a consistency, such an amazing smell! And once you try them, it is hard to stop eating and enjoying them.. All you need is a food processor or a blender and several ingredients that most of us have in the kitchen, or may buy in a shop nearby.

By the way, last weak I faced the article saying that cookies, ice cream, pizza and similar meals are extremely dangerous if one aims to live a healthy life, care about balance between muscular and fat mass of the body.. Yes, it is true, if one chooses regular, filled with sugar, oils, white flour, artificial additives cookies that you may find in any store. Yes, it might be a bad idea to eat a whole package of cookies like that..

No, it is not true, if one spends 20 minutes for making these Coconut Vanilla Protein cookies! And even if you eat 17teen of them, you should not be worried!

Yes, only 20 minutes and your cookie cravings will be fully satisfied, while your protein intake will be increased. Eat these on your own in a morning, with a cup of coffee, pack them and make into presents for your best friends, serve them on a dinner table as a healthy dessert. There might be many occasions.. these Coconut Vanilla Protein cookies will fit all of them!

Bon Apetit,

biscuit lovers!


Makes 17 cookies

1 can chickpeas, rinsed

60g Vanilla Ice-Cream Whey Protein powder (Vanilla/Coconut and similar protein powders may also work)

2-3 tbs water

1 tsp Dark Chocolate Chips

1 tbs Coconut shred

2 Dates (optional)

1 tsp raisins (optional)



  1. In food processor puree chickpeas.
  2. Add protein powder and water, blend until it forms a ball of dough. (If necessary add a tablespoon of water).
  3. Stir in chocolate chips, coconut shred. (Optional: to make the cookies sweeter and more colourful in taste, stir in 2 dates and raisins).
  4. Form into small balls, bake at 175 for 15-20 minutes or until the balls are not soft anymore. 


Nutrition facts: