Cottage Cheese Protein pancakes

‘The earliest known pancakes were made about 12,000 years ago from ground grains and nuts, mixed with water or milk and cook on hot stones.’

‘The record for the highest pancake toss is 9.47m (31ft 1in) made in New York in 2010.’

‘The record for the fastest ever Marathon run while continuously tossing a pancake is 3hr 2min 27sec by Mike Cuzzacrea in 1999.’

‘Aunt Jemima pancake flour was the first ready-mix food to be sold commercially. It was invented in Missouri and introduced in 1889.’

‘Around 52 million eggs are used in the UK on Pancake Day, which is 22 million more than usual.’


The facts about pancakes are simply stunning! Aren’t they?

Anyways, I love pancakes not because of the funny, interesting or any other facts that you may find about them. I love pancakes, just because… they are pancakes! For me pancakes is something that brings me back the joy of childhood, reminds of an easy lifestyle, sunny days and simply of how wonderful the life is.

Call it magic, call it truth.. but this is how I see pancakes..

Cottage Cheese Protein pancakes carry even more magic, since they are brilliant as post-workout food. The balance between amount of protein and carbohydrates, subtle taste of banana and berries (if you like those to be added) makes the post-workout feeling even better!

The pancakes are absolutely delicious and simple to make. To be honest, I took only a small part in making these pancakes. These were actually a post-workout surprise from my man on a sunny Saturday midday, just at the time when I was finished with my training. I came back home and found him carefully making ‘a mountain’ of pancakes for me and for him… I was so happy, the surprise made me extremely happy.. I took a spoon and started helping him with baking these babies.. Such a romantic, sweet, healthy and delicious date we had!

So if my man was brave enough to make these by himself, I am sure that anyone, who is reading this recipe will manage too..

And… remember:

‘Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.

– Bethenny Frankel

Makes 3 portions

2 scoops Vanilla Ice Cream protein powder

6 egg whites

400g low fat cottage cheese

90g oat flour

2 bananas

4 tsp baking powder

90g blueberries (optional)

  1. Mash the bananas, add oat flour, protein and baking powders and crack the egg whites in it, stirring until the mixture becomes somewhat homogenized.
  2. Stir in the cottage cheese. (Optional toss blueberries or any other type of berries into the batter and mix using a spoon)
  3. Place a skillet on medium-high heat, add a bit of coconut oil and measure out about 1,5 tbsp of batter per pancake. 


  4. Cook them for about 1,5 minute on the first side, and about 45 seconds on the other side. 


Nutrition facts: