Fresh and Smoked Salmon Tartare

Salmon… the pink princess born in fresh water, migrating to the sea, returning to fresh water… These are special not only because of their nutritional benefits, colour of juicy meat, changes of skin colour depending on where they live, they are also extremely rich in taste! What I love about salmon is that it is really easy to prepare. In fact, I adore the taste of salmon, so I prefer having this fish prepared and seasoned as little as possible. My mom still remembers this from my childhood, as I was stealing unprepared raw salmon directly from the fridge, or taking a risk and grabbing some pieces of it as my mom was cleaning the freshly caught fish. To be honest, even now as I am preparing salmon for myself or for my guests, it is hard to resist taking some pieces of it while it is still uncooked, raw.. juicy.. rich in smell in taste.

Good thing is that salmon is absolutely ok to eat raw! Yes, if you choose the good one, raised in clean environment, you are actually free to eat it raw. If you are looking for a healthy source of daily protein and omega-3 fatty acids, also interested in getting additional amount of the B-complex vitamins, you should start counting on salmon as soon as it comes to your healthy diet.

In case you like salmon as I do: pretty raw and rich in its own taste, I suggest you to make Fresh and Smoked Salmon tartare that I made for one of cozy evenings. About that… I made big bowl of this tartare, expecting this food to last for three evening, however.. me and my man could not take our fingers out from the delicious bowl of salmon, so we finished it at once. Pitty, huh? Anyways, maybe you have more patience, or.. maybe you should also simply enjoy this food and eat one of the healthiest fishes as much as you want. Do that!


Makes 1 bowl

500g fresh salmon

200g smoked salmon

8 sun-dried tomatoes

Juice of 1 or 0,5 lime

2-3 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

salt, pepper, sweet pepper flakes, basil and fresh dill.

  1. Cut the fresh salmon and the smoked salmon in small dices. Cut the sun-dried tomatoes in similar sized dices.
  2. Place the salmon in a mixing bowl, add the tomatoes, lime juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, sweet pepper flakes, basil and fresh dill. Mix well and refrigerate for at least 10 minutes for the salmon to marinate.
  3. Serve the tartare with freshly baked white garlic bread.
Nutritional facts: